We can provide a regular pool maintenance program or a one off pool service to help with your pool.  

We offer a quality service for all types of pools. If you have an above ground pool, an in ground pool or a spa you can rely on us to turn up on time and deliver a comprehensive service to suit your needs. 

Regular Service 

Water testing, backwash and rinse filtration, empty skimmer and pump basket, adjust chemicals and balance the water, checking and adjusting equipment running times, scoop service leaves and debris.
Our service can be tailored to your needs and budgets we can service your pool weekly, fortnightly or monthly to ensure and high standard of pool quality. 


Vacuuming includes the above regular service with the addition of vacuuming your pool.

Green Pool Clean-up 

It is not unusual for a pool to turn green as algae and other contaminants build up in your pool. There are many reasons a pool can turn green. It could be caused by equipment not working correctly, chemical imbalance, the water needs to circulate for longer. Whatever the reason we will work with you to rectify the problem and ensure water quality to return your pool water to be crystal clear and sparking.   

Holiday Care

Take a break with peace of mind that your pool will be cared for while you are on holidays.  We can regularly check your pool, including testing water quality, ensure pump andfiltrations systems are working and have your pool vacuumed, cleaned and ready to use on your return. 

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning ensures not only that your pool is sparkling clean but also the surrounding areas, we can pressure clean tiles and concrete surrounding the pool to provide a safe and pristine environment for you and your family. 

Tuition and Advice

If you have recently installed a pool or have bought a new house with a pool and want advice on how to keep your swimming pool clean and ready for use. We provide expert tutoring on pool maintenance, water testing and instruction on how to use and maintain your equipment and filtering system to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to keep your swimming pool in top condition. 


If something seems to be wrong with your pool or pool equipment we will happily do onsite troubleshooting to find out what the problem is and give advice on options to rectify the problem.

We have a real commitment to providing a quality swimming pool service and enjoy ensuring your swimming pool is ready for your enjoyment.